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*Easy* Verb conjugations Part 3 - To Have & Possessive

In order to understand the verb to have, we must first learn the possessive suffixes. These are endings you attach to a noun in Arabic that shows possession. You own it, it is yours! Lets learn what these suffixes are!

* 7 = ح (haa) - sounds like an aspirated "h"
* 2 = أ (hamza) - glottal stop
* 3 = ع ('ain) - a "choked" letter sounding like an "a" you can't represent with the English alphabet

*Masculine nouns take the suffix, feminine nouns (that end in -a), take off the -a, add -it, then add the suffix. 

my - ee
your (m) - ak
your (f) - ik
his/ its - o
her/ its - ha
our - na
your - ko
their - hom

Masalan (for example)...

Masculine nouns:
book  -  kitab
my book - kitab-ee 

house - bayt
their house - bayt-hom

Feminine nouns: 
ticket - tazkara 
your ticket - tazkarit- ik

bag - shanta
our bag - shantit-na  

To Have
Why does the verb "to have" need to know the possessives? Because these suffixes, like with the nouns, get added to the end of the verb "3and" - to have. It makes sense because if you have something... it's yours isn't it? :)

To make the present, just add the possessive suffixes to "3and." 

To have - Present
I have - 3andee
you (m) have -3andak
you (f) have - 3andik
he has - 3ando
she has - 3andaha
we have - 3andina
you (pl) have - 3andoko
they have - 3andohom

To have - Past
just add "kaan" (to be) to "3and" in the present! 

I had - kaan 3andee
you (m) had - kaan 3andak
you (f) had - kaan 3andik
he had - kaan 3ando
she had - kaan 3andaha
we had - kaan 3andina
you (pl) had - kaan 3andoko
they had - kaan 3andohom

To have - Future
To "have" something in the future, just add the future form of "to be" (7aykoon) to 3and in the present.

I will have - 7aykoon 3andee
you (m) will have - 7aykoon 3andak
you (f) will have - 7aykoon 3andik
he will have - 7aykoon 3ando
she will have - 7aykoon 3andaha
we will have - 7aykoon 3andina
you (pl) will have - 7aykoon 3andoko
they will have - 7aykoon 3andohom

Credits to Lonely Planet Phrasebooks: Egyptian Arabic.

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