Thursday, July 21, 2011

*EASY* Egyptian Verb List!

There is no infinitive in Egyptian Arabic, so the verbs will be listed in Present and Past. Look to my other page to learn how to conjugate in different tenses!

* 7 = ح (haa) - sounds like an aspirated "h"
* 2 = أ (hamza) - glottal stop
* 3 = ع ('ain) - a "choked" letter sounding like an "a" you can't represent with the English alphabet


(To be) able - idir, yi2dar
To accept - abal 
To admit - 3itaraf, yi3tarif
To be afraid of - khayif/a min
To agree (with) - ittafa2, yittifi2 (ma'a)
To agree (on) - waafi2, yiwaafi2 (3ala)
To allow - sama7, yisma7
To argue - gaadil, yigaadil 
To arrive - wisil, yiwsil
To ask (for something) - talab, yotlob
To ask a question - sa2al, yis2al

To be - kaan, yikoon
To begin - ibtada, yibtidi
To bless - barraik, yibarrik
To bleed - nazaf, yinzif
To book - 7agas, yi7giz
To borrow -istalaf, yistilif 
To break - Kasar, yiksar
To breathe - itnaffas, yitnaffis
To bribe - rasha, yirshi 
To bring - gaab, yigeeb 
to build - bana, yibni 
To buy - ishtara, yishtiri 

To camp - 3askar, yi3askar 
Can (be able to) - idar, yi2dar 
To cancel - lagha, yilghi 
To care about - ihtamm, yihtamm bi 
To care for (look after) - akhad, yakhud baal min
To carry - shall, yisheel
To celebrate - i7tafal, yi7tifil
To change - ghayyar, yighayyar 
To make change - fakk, yifokk 
To chat - 3aakis, yi3aakis 
To check - tammin, yitammin 3ala 
To choose - ikhtar, yikhtar
To climb - tili3, yitla3 
To close - afal, yi2fil
To come here - ga, yeegi
To come (arrive) - wasal, yowsil
To confirm - 2akkid, yi3akkid
To cook - tabakh, yotbokh
To cost - kallif, yitkallif 
To count - 3ad, yi3idd 
To cut up - atta3, yi2atta3
To cut (with scissors) - 2as, yi2os
To cycle - rakib, yirkab 3agala 

To dance - ra2as, yir2us
To date someone - maashi ma3
To decide - qarrar, yiqarrar
To deny - nafa, yinfi
To depart (leave) - mishi, yimshi 
To destroy - dammar, yidammar
To die - maat, yimoot
To discover - iktashaf, yiktishif 
To do - 3amal, yi3mil 
To drink - shirib, yishrab 
To be drunk - sakran/a 
To dry (clothes) - nishif, yinshaf

To earn - kisib, yiksab
To eat - akal, yaakol, 
To eat breakfast - fitir, yiftar 
To eat lunch - itghadda, yitghadda 
To eat dinner - it3shsha, yit3ashsha 
To end - intaha, yintihi 
To enjoy oneself - inbasat, yinbisit
To enter - dakhal, yodkhol 
To exchange - ghayyar, yighayyar
To exhibit - 3arad, yi3rid 

To feel - 7ass, yi7iss (bi)
To fight - itkhaani2, yitkhaani2 ma3a
To fill - mala, yimla 
To find - la2a, yilaa2i 
To follow - taba3, yitba3 
To forget - nisi, yinsa 
To forgive - saami7, yisaami7
To freeze - gammid, yigammid 
To have fun - 2inbasat, yinbisit 
To make fun of (laugh at) - da7ak, yid7ak 3ala

To give - idda, yidda 
To go - ra7 yiroo7
To guess - 7azzar, yi7azzar 

To have - 3and
To hear - simi3, yisma3
To help - saa3id, yisaa3id
To hire - 2aggar, yi2aggar 
To be hot (temperature) - harran/a

To inject - 7a2an, yi72in 

To joke (with) - hazzar, yihazzar (ma3a) 
To jump - nat, yinot

To kill - mawwit, yimawwit 
To kiss -baas, yiboos 
To know - 2irif, yi2raf 

To learn - 2it3allim, yit3allim
To be left (behind) - fidil, yifdal
To lie - kidib, yikdib 
To light - walla2, yiwalla2
To like - 7abb, yi7ibb 
To listen - simi3, yisma3
To live (life) - 3aash, yi3eesh 
To live (somewhere) - sikin, yoskon
To lock - sakk, yisokk
To look - bass, yiboss
To look after - khad, yaakhod baal min 
To look for - dawwar, yidawwar (3ala)
To lose - dayya3, yidayya3
To love - 7abb, yi7ibb

To make - 3amal, yi3mil 
To marry - 2itgawwiz, yitgawwiz 
To meet - it2aabil, yit2aabil (ma3a) 
To miss (someone) - wa7ash, yiw7ash
To mix - khalat, yikhlit 

To need - i7taag, yi7taag 

To open - fata7, tifta7
To order - talab, yotlob 
To owe - 3alay

To paint (not art) - dahan, yidhin 
To paint (art) - rasam, yirsim
To park - rakan, yirkin
To pass - faat, yifoot
To pay - dafa3, yidfa3
To pick up- shaal, yisheel 
To plant - zara3, yizra3 
To play cards - yila3ib kutsheena
To play a game - li3ib, yil3ab
To point (to) - shaawair, yishaawit (3ala)
To prefer - faddal, yifaddal
To prepare - gahhiz, yigahhiz
To produce - antag, yintig 
To protect - 7ama, yi7mi 
To protest - i7tag, ya7tag 
To pull - sa7ab, yis7ab
To push - za2, yizo2
To put - 7att, yi7ott

To question - sa3al, yis3al

To read - 2ara, yi3ra
To realize - 3araf
To receive someone - ista2bil, yista2bil
To receive something - istalam, yistilim 
To recongize - 3irif, yi3raf 
To recommend - 2iqtara7, yaqtari7
To refund - istarid, yistirid 
To refuse - rafad, yirfod 
To regret - nidim, yindam
To relax - irta7, yirta7 
To remember - iftakar, yiftikir 
To rent - 2aggar, yi2aggar 
To repeat - karrar, yikarrar 
To reserve - 7agaz, yi7giz 
To rest - istirayya7, yistirayya7
To return - rigi3, yirga3
To ride (a horse) - rikib, yirkab 
To be right - sa7, yisa7 
To rob - sara2, yisra2
To run - giri, yigri 

To save (time, money, etc) - waffar, yiwaffar 
To say - aal, yi2ool
To score a goal- gaab gol
To see - shaaf, yishoof 
To sell - baa3, yibee3 
To send - ba3at, yib3at
To separate - fasal, yifsil 
To sew - khayyat, yikhayyat 
To share (with) - sharrik, yishaarik 
To share a dorm - it2aasim ghorfa 
To shave - 7ala3, yi7la3 
To ship - na3al, yin3il 
To shoot (someone) - takhkh, yitokhkh
To shoot at - darab, yidrab nar 
To go shopping - tasawwoq, yatsawwaq 
To shout - za3a2, yiza3a2
To show - warra, yiwarri 
To shut - 2adal, yi2fil
To sign - mada, yimdi 
To sing - ghanna, yighanni 
To sit - a23ad, yo23od
To sleep - naam, yinaam
To smell - shaam, yishimm
To smile - ibtasam, yibtisim 
To smoke - dakhkhan, yidakhkhan 
To speak - kallim, yikallim 
To start - bada2, yibda2
To stay (remain) - a2ad, yo23od
To stay (somewhere) - nizil, yinzil (fee) 
To steal - sara2, yisra2
To stop - wi2if, yo2af 
To suffer - 3aana, yi3aani 
To survive - 3aash, yi3eesh 
To swim - saba7, yisba7

To take away - wadda, yiwaddi 
To take (food, train, etc) - khad, yakhod
To take pictures - sawwar, yisawwir 
To talk - kallim, yikallim
To telephone - itkallim, yitkallim 
To tell - aal, yi2ool 
To thank - shakar, yoshkor 
To think about - fakkar, yifakkar fee
To think (believe) - iftakar, yiftikir 
To touch - lamas, yilmas
To translate - targim, yitargim 
To travel - saafir, yisaafir 
To trust - siqa 
To try (out) - garrab, yigarrab 
To try (attempt) - 7aawil, yi7aawil 

To understand - fihim, yifham 

To visit - zar, yizoor
To vote - intakhab, yintikhib 
To walk - misi, yimshi 
To want - 3aayiz, 3ayza
To wash - ghasal, yighsil 
To watch - itfarrag, yitfarrag 
To wear - libis, yilbis 
To weigh - wazan, yiwzin 
To win - kisib, yiksab 
To wish - itmanna, yitmaana 
To work - ishtaghal, yishtagal
To write - katab, yiktib

Credits to Lonely Planet Phrasebooks: Egyptian Arabic.


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  3. Thank you all for the feedback! I will be adding all new content soon!

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  5. bravo 3aleiki ya Kylie! This is a great resource for learning the Egyptian dialect. Keep up the good work ! I look forward to new contents in the arabic script.
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