Friday, July 29, 2011

*EASY* Egyptian Verbs- Negatives!

 * 7 = ح (haa) - sounds like an aspirated "h"
* 2 = أ (hamza) - glottal stop
* 3 = ع ('ain) - a "choked" letter sounding like an "a" you can't represent with the English alphabet

Two types of negatives in Egyptian Arabic:

1. Negatives for verbs in general:

    ma- ... -sh - gets added to the beginning and ending of a verb to make it negative.

Masalan (for example)...

He went- howa ra7
He didn't go - howa mara7sh 

2. Negatives for future verbs, nouns, adjectives:  

    mesh gets added to the beginning of a verb/noun/adjective to make it negative.

Masalan (for exmaple)...

I will not write - mesh 7aktib

This is not good - da mesh kuwayyis

I'm not an engineer (m). - ana mesh mohandis 

Credits to Lonely Planet Phrasebooks: Egyptian Arabic.

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  1. finaly somethig easy hhhhhh :P u did a good job Kylie ,waiting for more pls